Ongoing Support Subscription

By signing up for Ongoing Support, you will be able to contact me via email anytime to ask questions and receive information and assistance as you navigate through offering care when you start out.

Get help within 1 business day

Contact me via email and you will receive a response to your query within one business day so that you are not held up in your advice production as you wait for some help if stuck.

Advice from a practicing specialist

As a practicing specialist, I can answer any query you have whether it be related to client communication, modelling in Xplan, aged care fee calculations and more.

Modelling Options

You may ask me specific questions with regards to strategy and options to model to determine the best recommendations for your clients. This will be invaluable when you start out and are unsure where to start.

Help I will provide via email:

  • modelling/strategy queries
  • technical fee queries
  • client queries
  • queries around advice production

Additional call out service

I will provide a further service at an additional hourly rate of $110 (minimum one hour) only for subscription members. Should you have strategy queries that go beyond basic advice that you would like to discuss, a call to discuss with me will be available.

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