The Financial Adviser's Guide to Aged Care - book

This book is intended to help you to easily incorporate aged care advice into your suite of advice services. It will teach you how to offer a service that provides help, information, financial advice and most importantly, support as well as add a profitable new income stream to your practice.

It is written by an adviser for advisers and explains the age care fee structure as well as a step by step guide to offering advice in this area.

Look at the table of contents


Find out WHY people need advice and how you can help them:

- Understanding the client

- Client needs and wants

- Identifying how you can help


Find out the FACTS of the system, the fees and the support:

 - Overview of the fee system and how it works

- The four sets of fees that may apply

- Centrelink and cashflow


Find out HOW to go about offering this advice to clients, both new and existing:

 - The First Meeting

- The strategy paper, second meeting and ongoing support

- The charging model, marketing and opportunity

What will you learn?

You will learn the basics of aged care advice. After reading this book, you will understand how different an advice piece this is compared with traditional financial advice, and how to approach it differently to ensure success.

How will you benefit from reading this book?

After reading this book, you will be less fearful of the unknown. By getting a basic understanding, you will be ready to meet with a client and conduct your first interview. You will understand the caring, empathetic approach that is needed.


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