The Beginner's Guide to Aged Care - online course

A four module course that will see you ready to introduce an aged care offering to your clients at it's conclusion.

This course, in conjunction with my book 'The Financial Adviser's Guide to Aged Care' will guide you through the basics and get you started in this challenging, rewarding, profitable area of advice.

You benefit from an adviser's perspective and experience.

Benefit from an adviser's experience

You will be able to watch individual videos to learn from an adviser who is doing this daily and loving it. You will benefit from my experience and mistakes and this will help you get started easily after completion of the course.

Learn at home in your own timeframe

You will be able to log in and complete this course in your own timeframe, without taking a day out of work and/or travel and accommodation costs to attend a full day workshop.

Real life case study

Benefit from an actual client scenario that will take you through the process of modelling out different options to see the effects on Centrelink and cashflow of different payment methods and selling down of particular assets.

Modules One and Two

Will provide Aged Care fee and Centrelink information to teach you how the system works and how you can influence them with your advice. You will also learn about the value add service you will be able to offer and how to go about doing so, step by step.

Modules Three and Four

We will go through a real client scenario as a case study, using screen sharing, where I will show you the process of advice from the aged care fact find and modelling different scenarios, to the SOA production and edit. I will then explain how I market and charge, including explaining the value add service that see my clients referring and providing great feedback.


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