Helping financial advisers to easily incorporate aged care into their service offering

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How I can help you to easily integrate aged care into your practice:

I coach and support financial advisers and help them to introduce aged care advice into their practice. By offering aged care advice you will help a section of the community that so badly needs it. I offer a book, an online course, one-on-one onsite training, a paraplanning service , subscription support package and facebook group connection.

Book for advisers

This book will offer an easy to follow guide to starting out in aged care. It explains who your clients will be, what they need, the aged care process and fee structure as well as how to go about the first meeting, advice and follow up meetings and ongoing support. It is written for advisers by an adviser.

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Beginner's Guide to Aged Care Workshop

This 7 HOUR workshop  will take you through the why, the how and the what of offering aged care advice, via video tutorials including  a real life case study with SOA.

Further courses will be available at a later date which will build on strategy and further education.


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Ongoing support subscription

For a monthly fee, you can have ongoing contact with me, via email to assist you as you start out seeing clients. I will be available to respond to emails within one business day to provide guidance and assistance in how to go about offering advice, or to answer technical queries.


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Paraplanning Service

If you would prefer to just meet with your clients and have someone else complete the advice and recommendations, I can provide you with a high quality SOA to present to your clients with a 5 day turn around.

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I am passionate about the aged care advice I provide to my clients and want to help you to become as passionate about it too, so that more elderly people and their families have support and guidance through such a confusing, emotional period of their lives.

Why I am the right person to guide you

I am a practicing financial adviser who is involved in day to day aged care advice provision.

I have implemented a proven system within our practice that ensures take-up of service 98% of the time from initial appointment.

I am skilled up technically and have provided advice and support for 90 clients in 4 years and am therefore equipped to deal with most scenarios you will encounter.

"Because of fear of the unknown, I shied away from providing aged care advice. By getting an education in this area, and jumping in and starting at the beginning, I have found an area that I love to practice and that I look forward to sharing with you."

Sharon Fox
Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Business Law ; Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning; currently studying CFP

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